I write about realistic approach to solve life problems, rather than theoretical approach that sucks.

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The World at a Glance

I hope all of you must have heard this at least once in your lifetime, that the results of bad actions taken are always bad, that one should always do[…]

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A Solution to your every problem Part-2

This article is a continued part of a previous article named A Solution to your every problem Part-1. You can read it here- . All the rules from the previous[…]

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A Solution to your every problem- Part 1

Yes, I know that this title seems too general that many of you must have ignored on the face itself, but believe me, this is the most effective approach to[…]

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Some Life Changing Quotes

The more adverse situations you are faced with, the more you discover yourself.

When people appreciate you behind your back, that’s real success.

There’s a difference between how you treat people and how people treat you, but that difference should not be the reason for the change in your behaviour.

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