A Solution to your every problem- Part 1

A Solution to your every problem- Part 1

Yes, I know that this title seems too general that many of you must have ignored on the face itself, but believe me, this is the most effective approach to solve any of the problem you encounter in your whole life. Whether it is any of your fear, your any nightmare, any relationship problem, any career problem, any of the ups and downs of your life where at one point of time you might go broke and ask yourself- Why me?, this thing that I am going to mention in this article can dramatically change your life.

But hey, let me tell you some thing that is necessary before we further proceed with this article. There are some rules to reading this article, you must follow. ( In case, you do not follow, you can still read but you will get only 10% of the whole concept I am going to tell you.) The rules are given below-

  • Read the whole article slowly with full attention.
  • Don’t read at any place that is already having enough of hustle bustle, please read this article at some quite place.
  • Don’t read too fast and do pause to think the whole scenario in your mind after each paragraph.

Well, these are all. Now, fasten your seat belts my readers because we are all set to take off. (Not really, I am just kidding.)

When some problem arises in our lives…

How does our mind perceives any problem that we face in our lives? Well, it perceives it as a foreign object that should not have been actually present there. It’s like you are running on a race track and someone puts a hurdle in front of you without even telling you. Right? And what is the corresponding response from our mind? As soon as our mind gets to know that there is some problem in front of it, it automatically starts finding the solution that can help you get rid of that problem. Do we get scared sometimes? Yes. Does there start some grand beating of a hammer on our heads? Yes. Does our spine gets chilled out of nervousness sometimes? Yes. Yes, all these things happen, not every time but yes sometimes. Now what should be done so that these things do not happen with us? Continue reading, you will get the answer.

We are living in too much bright light…

I know you might be thinking that this title is totally out of context but guess what, this is not the case. My lord, I will soon prove that there is direct connection of this paragraph with our main objective.

Actually, there is this one thing we haven’t realized in our lives. That we are living in too bright light. What I want to say is that imagine a scenario that the place you are living is full of bright light and you have not seen darkness in your whole life (Just imagine, don’t take it too seriously). What happens next? You are clearly in a habit of living in bright light and you don’t even know how darkness looks like. Now, suppose, one of your best friend gets ill and you urgently need to take him to a hospital in another town, and there is only one way you can go to that town, i.e., through a tunnel. Now, you enter that tunnel and there is glimpse of some darkness, how will your body respond to that? Spine chilled, nerves blocking, throbbing in the head, legs shaking and all of that. What next? The darkness in the tunnel is getting increased as you proceed further. More and more darkness as you step further. But you cannot stop, because you love your best friend a lot. And finally, you are at the end of this tunnel.

Now stop for a second, the place where you are standing is the darkest place you have ever seen in your whole life. Compare this with that glimpse of darkness you saw when you took the very first step into the tunnel. That glimpse seems nothing. Any time, you shall enter the tunnel, this darkness would seem nothing to you. Why? Because you have been through the most darkest place, so any of these small dark places would seem nothing to you. These are now too easy to be defeated.

Well yes, the same phenomena applies to our life problems too. Whenever you face some problem, don’t get scared of it, because this is only the glimpse of darkness, go ahead and find the most difficult situation that you might have ever seen in your whole life. The day you will conquer the most undefeatable problem, all the small problems that you face in your life will seem nothing to you.

What’s the most darkest and haunting fear of our life?

Now after all this, you might be wondering what thing is the most scariest of all that once I defeat it, I shall not be bothered be any of the small small problems that I face regularly in my life. You wanna know that? Do you want to hear the part of our life, which if we conquer for once, we will become undefeatable? Do you want to hear the stories of heroes that applied in their lives and conquered every hurdle of their life as if they were nothing but just the small glimpse of that tunnel? Do you really want to hear that? Comment below to tell me how much are you eager to know it and I will write down the part-2 of this story for you.


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  1. jyoti rawal says:

    m really excited for part 2…….plzz publish it soon

  2. Simran says:

    I really want to know… I really feeling angrt why you don’t disclose it in this part?? Please tell soon

  3. Simran says:

    I really want to know… I really feeling angrt why you don’t disclose it in this part??

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